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Founded in 2010, jQuery4u delivers coding tips, plugins, code snippets, video tutorials and other content related to JavaScript, jQuery and web design/development to web enthusiasts around the globe. Our aim is to inform our readers about the latest web developments and techniques on the internet focused around JavaScript. We are currently independent but are always looking to support the jQuery project and community in any way we can. We love jQuery. Every day JavaScript and jQuery developers around the globe create new and awesome plugins and video tutorials. We offer a place to share these awesome creations on the internet to allow authors to gain exposure and credit in the field.

Sam Deering

Founder & curator of jQuery4u.


My name is Sam Deering and I am a 27 year old web developer from England. jQuery4u is my web development blog that I started a few years ago as a place to store and share my jQuery code snippets. Since then it has grown into a monster and traffic has broken 2 servers and jQuery4u now has it’s own dedicated server in the cloud on AWS EC2. I have recently redesigned the whole site to a new metro type look with responsive design. It now loads faster and can be easily scaled to meet server load.


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Outside work

Outside work I like to play pool (8 ball), play football (indoor and outdoor), going fishing, playing acoustic guitar and hitting the gym! I’m currently living in Australia so I am enjoying the hot climate (beats old rainy England!).

Some pics.

Aligator Gar

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