Advertise on jQuery4u A effective and cheap way to advertise.

We have some effective advertising methods for your web products & services. Our audience is very specific to JavaScript, jQuery Web Designers and Developers. We are getting high traffic of 1,000,000+ pageviews per month (450,000+ unique visitors). Check out the stats page for proof of traffic.

Option 1: Large Ad Spot (best exposure)


  • Always the first thing people see when they visit the website.
  • Ad Spot dimensions 300px width x 250px height (see example below)
  • Provided by provides you with the statistics you require to analyse your advertising campaign.
  • Prices for this spot vary and usually charge per 1,000 impressions (currently 50% off!!!)



Option 2: Right Sidebar (best value)

  • Right Sidebar Ad Spot (displayed on every page on the blog) – Dimensions 300px width x 100px height (see example ads below)
  • Subscription minimum length of 1 month and can be cancelled at any time at no additional charge.
  • Simply choose your option below, pay using Paypal and send us your graphic & link.


Payment Options


Option 3: Guest Post

Guest Post


We are also open to other advertising options which you may have in mind. Even willing to pickup a single advertiser for the whole site. Just let us know if your interested we can come up with a deal that suits both. Enquire now!

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