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AJAX before jQuery 1.8 and After

Here is a quick note of AJAX before jQuery 1.8 and the newer version. Don’t forget .success() and .error() still supported in jQuery 1.9.1 so it won’t break your old code and plugins you use. I have also drawn up some some New jQuery.ajax() Examples…

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.success() and .error() still supported in jQuery 1.9.1

Just a quick note that you can still use .success() and .error() in jQuery 1.9.1 and it won’t break your code. I do however highly recommend using the new promise interface with callback methods .done() and .fail() – See AJAX before jQuery 1.8 and After…

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Secrets to Selecting Elements Returned from jQuery Ajax Response Strings

The jQuery selection engine is fast and flexible and allows you to make selections against DOM elements as well as in-memory memory markup strings. When you couple this functionality with the ability to get the full HTML markup from pages throughout your site, you can…

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jQuery AJAX Image Upload Thumbnail Example

I’ve had quite a lot of requests for how to upload images using Ajax and show a thumbnail so I decided to do a quick demo to show you how it can be done. The Script facilitates the process of uploading an image via Ajax…

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10 Random Ajax and jQuery Plugins

Today we are sharing you our compilation of 10 Randomly Good Ajax and jQuery plugins for all your web design needs. Really worth checking out! Have fun! Related Posts: jQuery Ajax Validation Use the Remote Rule jQuery Ajax Function Example jQuery’s JSONP Explained with Examples…

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