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jQuery validation validate only on form submit

If your using the jQuery validation plugin you might sometimes see a stutter validation when your typing in an input field. This is most commonly seen when your using custom validation rules which are firing off ajax requests to validate the users input, such as…

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jQuery Ajax Validation Use the Remote Rule

I only just found out that the jQuery validation plugins has a validation rule called “remote” which can be used to make an ajax request instead of specifying a custom rule which has an ajax call it in. This will save you heaps of time…

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10 Ajax/jQuery Autocomplete Tutorials/Plugins

Today we are sharing you our compilation of best Ajax and jQuery autocomplete and autosuggest tutorials and plugins with examples. People these days want an instant search and for this, search engines like Google are doing just this. Enjoy! Related Posts: 10 jQuery Search Scripts…

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jQuery Ajax Loading using ajaxStart/ajaxSetup

Quick jQuery code snippet examples on how to use jQuery.ajaxStart and jQuery.ajaxStop functions. Examples below.

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jQuery .getScript() refactor to prevent caching

A feature of the jQuery .getScript() function is that it includes a unique id (timestamp or such) to each ajax script call. This poised a problem for me when I was running a setTimeout to get a script but it was reloading the same script……

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