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Custom Google Search API Setup Tutorial

So today I did a little tutorial on how to setup Google Search API for your blog/website. This could be used instead of the standard search facilities usually provided in WordPress Themes. It’s really easy to setup! You can customise the search to show results…

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Show Thumbnail of Image Upload AJAX/PHP

Update 18/11/2012: The new version of this upload is now here JQUERY AJAX IMAGE UPLOAD THUMBNAIL EXAMPLE. This is how you can add a file/image upload tool to your forms and have AJAX store the file with PHP and return a thumbnailed version to the…

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Delay AJAX call for X seconds

jQuery code snippet to delay AJAX call for X seconds. Could be used for events that require action before getting data from the server side via AJAX. Update: There is an easier way to do this by using setTimeout() function – See below for an…

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Ajax/jQuery.getJSON Simple Example

What is JSON and why use it? JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. In simple terms JSON is a way of formatting data to We will look at loading JSON data using an HTTP GET request (you can also use POST). You may be thinking…

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jQuery Get RSS Feed Live Reader

Use jQuery get rss (with JavaScript) to get a blogs (or websites) display rss feed on your web page. Use Google Ajax Feed API to retrieve the feed items and returns them as a list of feed items to be displayed. The feed can then…

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