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jQuery Sticky Footer Expand onHover

Hey guys, I’ve found this cool sticky footer plugin that uses jQuery and works like a treat! I found it on dynamicdrive.com they have some pretty cool scripts on there. Thought it was worth the share! About the plugin: It expands on mouse hover upwards…

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jQuery Matrix Effects

Introduction This is a cool jQuery Plugin that is based on the famous film “Matrix”. Well this is pretty straightforward. This plugin imitates the greenie with number thing effects from the film itself, choose an image that will turn into it and start doing modifications….

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Amazing jQuery Notebook Page Flip Animation

Everyday jQuery is getting more and more popular because of it’s usefulness, flexibility and speed. This notebook animation style like “flash page layout” page flip animation is an excellent example of these competencies. This fancy jQuery Notebook skin uses a jQuery animation plugin called jQuery…

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jQuery Meta Image Overlay

This is an image overlay jQuery plugin that will allow you to display additional facts in a semi-transparent pane over an image that appears when a user hovers that image. And the special part of this plugin is that metadata plugin is already included. This…

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jQuery Change Image On Hover

A really cool feature of jQuery is the ability to change an image dynamically, like when you move the mouse over a certain area of the screen a picture will change. How you do it: You reference the image src property and change it via…

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