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A Basic jQuery Plugin using the Module Pattern

In this post I will show you how to use the Module Pattern to create a basic jQuery plugin which can be reused with different options. The module pattern’s main focus is on protecting your options and methods and provding a nice public API to…

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jQuery Websites/Blogs – Worldwide Best Of

This is a collection of the best jQuery websites and blogs on the Internet (or at least what I have found so far) If you would like to appear in this list drop a comment and justify yourself. Related Posts: Top 10 jQuery Gurus to…

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jQuery’s JSONP Explained with Examples

OK so you are trying to load js scripts or JSON from another domain and getting that some kind of error: 404 not found error, 206 partial load error, cross domain errors etc… I’m sure we’ve all been there! jQuery JSONP Function Demo As you…

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Taking a quick look at the backbone.js source code

Delving into backbone.js source code http://documentcloud.github.com/backbone/backbone.js Today I decided to take a quick look at the backbone.js source at see what was going on behind the scenes of this awesome MVC framework.

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jQuery 1.7+ .on() vs .live() Review

I was recently watching a recording of jQuery summit 2011, I think it was Adam Sontag who was suggesting to use new functions called .on() and .off() event handlers instead of .live(). After using .live() quite regularly over the past few years i wanted to…

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