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Listing JavaScript Events using jQuery

How can you list JavaScript events attached to an element? I wanted to get a full list of js/jQuery events that are attached to any specified element and I was reading around and saw John Resig suggested to use this method:

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10 Tips for developing with jQuery in Notepad++

Notepad++ had always been my favourite free editor for coding with JavaScript ever since I can remember. Here are some tips I have picked up while developing with Notepad++. 1. Quick compare code using Notepad++ This feature is great for finding out quickly what code…

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jQuery Removing Bad Charaters in HTML

I previously wrote about using jQuery to Strip All HTML Tags From a Div. Now if you want to remove all bad character from a HTML string (which may have been provided by a $.getScript() call or such).

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5 Different Ways to Declare Functions in jQuery

Introduction Choosing which way to declare a JavaScript function can be confusing for beginners as there are several different ways to declare functions using JavaScript/jQuery. I’ll try to explain the benefits of each one and how and why you might use them when writing your…

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Be Cool and Write Your Own jQuery Selectors

Be Cool and Write Your Own jQuery Selectors jQuery has loads of built-in selectors for selecting elements (by ID, class, tag, attribute etc) but wouldn’t you like to be clever and start creating your own jQuery selectors? Well, it’s quite easy, this is how you…

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