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Use CSS to Hide Content when JavaScript is Turned Off

Use CSS to Hide Content when JavaScript is Turned Off This is a tip first seen by Karl Swedberg in one of this jQuery books where you can add a JS class to your HTML attribute when jQuery has loaded like so:

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Top 10 jQuery Gurus to hit the Internet

Wouldn’t it be cool to meet the people who’s online presence has helped make jQuery what it is today! These people have put in the hard graft writing heaps of jQuery tutorials which they have shared online to help us understand and become better jQuery…

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19+ JavaScript Shorthand Coding Techniques

This really is a must read for any JavaScript based developer. I have made this post as a vital source of reference for learning shorthand JavaScript coding techniques that I have picked up over the years. To help you understand what it going on I…

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10 jQuery Developer Tips to Improve you

These are handy tips for any aspiring jQuery developer to improve their knowledge of JavaScript, be aware of the development tools available to them and hopefully become a better all round jQuery developer. 1. Use namespacing to protect your code – (learn about encapsulation and…

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jQuery Function Namespacing in Plain English

Namespacing is a must know for any JavaScript developer especially when your learning the basics, it’s essential you form a solid basis and know how to protect your code. I think a good way to start this off is by explaining what is is and…

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