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50 jQuery Mobile Development Tips

We have collected 50 jQuery mobile tips and tutorials, 10 mobile plugins, 10 mobile website demos, 10 free mobile themes, 10 new mobile frameworks, 10 mobile cheat sheets and more stuff to help you get that mobile website started and up and running in no…

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jQuery Change CSS Dynamically – It’s Easy!

CSS Function Demo Changing your website styles dynamically is now the craze that is taking over the web! In this short, but sweet post I will explain how to do some simple yet effective CSS tricks using jQuery. This is a must know for all…

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5 Different Types of Document Ready Examples

These are the different types of Document Ready functions typically used in jQuery (aka jQuery DOM Ready). A lot of developers seem to use them without really knowing why. So I will try to explain why you might choose one version over another. Think of…

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jQuery and New HTML5 Essentials

Apart from the snazzy new logo what else does HTML5 offer us as jQuery developers? I thought I would write a post about the rise of HTML5 and how we might take advantage of it as jQuery gurus. The Background on HTML5? HTML5 is a…

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Using FireQuery to Change Google Logo

Hi guys, so today i have a bit of fun and customised Google to show my blog logo using FireQuery and some live jQuery code. Firstly, I’ll assume you know how to install and useĀ  Firebug and FireQuery. Here is how I did it.

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