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Switch Background Image using Backstretch.js

Code snippet to Switch Background Image using Backstretch.js and Underscore.js. Useful if you need to show a different background image for a desktop and mobile. I’m just using underscore.js for the debounce on window resize event it’s not essential. * smart window resize capture *…

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2013 jQuery Support for Internet Explorer Going forward

This post takes a look ahead at jQuery 2.0 and why your code could potentially “break” when deprecated/removed jQuery functions produce “function not defined” (or such) errors. This official post states that jQuery 2.0 will remove support for IE 6/7/8 oddities such as borked event…

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jQuery show() not working in Chrome 16

This doesn’t seem to work in Chrome 16

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Using jQuery to Capture Vertical Scroll Percentage

I’ve been writing a few scripts to detect the percentage of the window scrolled and trigger events when the window is scrolled a specified percentage. Update 06/03/2013 – Added Lock Footer on scroll example below. This is quite interesting where Firefox 8 never reaches 100%…

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10 More Browser Tweaks with jQuery

We’ve been sharing tons of Browser Tweak plugins and we know that you haven’t had enough yet because you just love fixing browser errors! ;) In this post, we will share another set. Check out this 10 Browser Tweaks with jQuery that you may find…

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