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Use Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode

Use Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode. I just did some research and found something awesome. Chrome can start in Kiosk mode out of the box. Great for locking down and displaying any kind of web appication! This is what you do: Create a new chrome.exe…

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JavaScript Snippet Force a DOM Element Redraw/Repaint

JavaScript code snippet to force a DOM element redraw/repaint. A bit hacky but useful as a last resort. var element = document.getElementById(’id’); var n = document.createTextNode(’ ‘); var disp = element.style.display;  // don’t worry about previous display style element.appendChild(n); element.style.display = ‘none’; setTimeout(function(){    …

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Chrome Now Validates JSON

There is a Chrome Extension called JSON View which validates your JSON and shows the error in a modal. Obviously you can use the awesome online tool JSON Lint to validate and format your JSON but this extension is pretty cool. Update 18/06/13: Added reference…

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Migrating Earilier Versions of jQuery to jQuery 1.9

ALOT of old functionality has (1.9.x) and will be (2.x) removed from the jQuery Library, with the latter removing support for oldIE. Looking forward in 2013 on how jQuery will support IE is quite a debate. Plugins using functions which no longer exist may break…

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How jQuery 1.9.1 overcomes Internet Explorer 6/7/8 JavaScript

How does jQuery 1.9.1 support old Internet Explorer? This post contains a collection of code snippets directly from the jQuery Library. Hopefully by reading through the code will help you understand more about vanilla JavaScript and how jQuery 1.9.1 has overcome JavaScript browser incompatibilities with…

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