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Capture iPad orientation change

Code snippet to capture the change of orientation on your ipad device, you can then add very specific styles for each portrait and landsacape designs. The code adds a class to the html tag to assist with CSS (just like libraries such as Modernizr) using…

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Making Adobe Edge HTML5 Exports Responsive

Some code snippets to make Adobe Edge HTML5 animation exports responsive. The code below work out the percentage scale (responsive by width) of the browser width (mobile device inc) and uses CSS3 to scale the export so that it resizes to match the container. It…

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iScroll 4 Helper Code Snippets

I’ve been using the iScroll 4 plugin for a while now, it’s pretty nifty. I use it for getting touch friendly scrollbars happening – great plugin. If I get time I’ll code an extension API for it & code some demos if there is enough…

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Compile and Monitor SASS from Gumby2

This is a quick post to show how you can mointor and compile your web app CSS file using COMPASS packaged with Gumby2. Automatically update your main css file whenever you change ANY of your SASS stylesheets. Nice. Gumby 2 is built on Sass and…

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Cool CSS3 Social Network Sharing Style

Pretty Cool CSS3 Social Network Sharing Style thought it was worth a share! Source

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