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JavaScript to stop people hotlinking your site through iFrames

For anyone who is interested in blocking their site off – a concern is that an iframe can be used to include pages on your website into external sites. So to prevent people hotlinking your site’s webpages through iFrames simply include this script at the…

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Simulating Delay using jQuery and setTimeout()

Sometimes you may wish to simulate a delay of events such as simulating loading of results before showing on the page. This example uses a recursive setTimeout() to call a function which loops through an array of data which has the results of a system…

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jQuery Preloading External Images

This is how you might go about preloading images into the browser cache (Caching External Images) that will be later inserted into the page. This method would be useful only if you have many images and no control over the load order of the image…

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jQuery Set DOM Element to Top View Z-Index

jQuery function to Set any DOM Element to Top View (bring to front) using CSS Z-Index property.

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jQuery set value on specific table cell

Helper JS function which sets the price on a specified table cell based on the table id, row id and column number.

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