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Use jQuery to Change CSS on iFrame Content

In this post, I have also included some documentation of failed attempts on trying to change the CSS of iframed content on a different domain. Also some information on how to change css in an iframe on same domain, which (as far as I know)…

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jQuery Convert Text to HTML List – $.stringToList

This is a little jQuery utility function I wrote which simply converts text (ie – a long string) into a HTML list. It has a couple of settings for choosing conversion to Ordered List (OL) or Unordered List (UL). The delimiter for each item in…

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jQuery Function to All Clear Form Data

Pretty useful jQuery Function to clear all form data which I found on Karl Swedberg’s website. It simply removes all data from the form including text inputs, select boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes etc… There are two versions and the second version is probably more useful…

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jQuery Open All Hyperlinks in New Window

JavaScript code snippets to to customise your hyperlinks with CSS using jQuery to make them stand out. Also a tip to open hyperlinks in a new window using jQuery.

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jQuery Get/Set Script to Manage Form Values

Manage your form values with this awesome jQuery script. It will save you lots of time and help keep you code cleaner and easier to manipulate and reference form values. Features Get/Set functions for form inputs Integration for all input types including checkbox & radio…

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