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jQuery Binding to Created Elements

To clear a few things up about adding events to elements that are injected dynamically into the DOM (ie – they don’t exist when the page is loaded). Best Practice Methods Use .Bind() and .Live() instead of .Click(). Use .Bind() for static DOM elements (elements…

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jQuery bind() elements with same id

OK, somehow you’ve managed to get into a situation where you need to bind to elements of the same id. Now, if you can you should add a class to each element and bind to that!

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Attaching Events to Elements of the Same ID

OK so we’ve all ran into this problem for some reason or another – 2 elements with the same id. Basically, you shouldn’t have elements on the same page with the same id, it’s bad programming! If however, you do find yourself in this situation…

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jQuery Disable Input Field

Simple jQuery code snippet to disable and input field so that the user cannot change the value of the text box on a form for example. $(’input’).attr(’disabled’,'disabled’);

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jQuery Dynamically Combobox Value Based on URL

Little jQuery function to dynamically set the value of a combo box based on the parameters given in the URL string. Could be useful for setting default values on a form results page based upon what the user selected for the search criteria. This function…

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