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jQueryUI Draggable Div Example

jQuery code snippet to load jQueryUI and then make a div draggable by using the jQueryUI draggable() function. google.load("jquery", "1"); google.load("jqueryui", "1"); function OnLoad(){   $(’#content’).html(’<div id="draggable-handle-div" style="width:100px;border:1px solid #999;">’ +                      ’<div style="background-color:#999">dragme</div>content</div>’);   $("#draggable-handle-div").draggable({…

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Replace String Characters in JavaScript

There are two ways of looking at this one: Replace characters in a string INSIDE THE JAVASCRIPT CODE Replace characters in a string INSIDE THE HTML OF THE WEB PAGE Replace String Inside JavaScript Code str = str.replace("find","replace") Replace String Inside HTML of Web Page…

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Improve JavaScript Performance

Well, some of people out there say that avoiding DOM manipulation is a key to speed up javascript performance. Their understanding is pretty skewed. Actually, manipulating elements is really fast until it’s added to the DOM. There’s no need to set aside the wonderful prepend…

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