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jQuery addClass() Function Example

jQuery code snippet to add a css style for elements with the .addcss class but use a different style for first, second and third elements (multiples of 3). $(’.addcss’).each(function(i){     //value of n can be changed to mutiples of whatever you wish    …

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jQuery Convert Text to Uppercase/Lowercase

jQuery Code Snippets to convert text on a web page to uppercase or lowercase. Could be useful for changing text styles on your web page without using css (although there is a css example below also). Uppercase/Lowercase using jQuery //Lowercase $(’jqueryselector’).val($(this).val().toLowerCase());   //Uppercase $(’jqueryselector’).val($(this).val().toUpperCase());

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jQuery Selector is Referencing CSS Elements, Why?

Hi guys, I have recently had this question so thought I would share it with you! Question “jQuery Selector is Referencing CSS Elements, Why?”

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jQuery Check if Element has Class Attached

jQuery code snippet to check whether a web page element has a specific css class attached. Could be used to check if the element needs additional formatting or if you want to protect certain page elements. To do this we can use the jQuery hasClass()…

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jQuery Preload CSS Images

This is a useful way of pre-loading css images before rendering JavaScript/jQuery animation for example. This Script is a little jQuery plugin that caches all images referenced in linked/imported CSS files (it iterates through each rule in each stylesheet attached and if the rule’s value…

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