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jQuery Create Smooth Moving Background

jQuery code snippet to help you create a smoother moving background animation. The move_background() function can be called once the DOM is fully loaded then the animation is set to process every 1 second. $(document).ready(function(){   setInterval ("move_background()", 100); }) function move_background(){   var backpos…

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jQuery Resizing Text Dynamically

jQuery and html code snippets to resize the text on a webpage dynamically when a user clicks the increase text size or decrease text size buttons.

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Magic jQuery & CSS Templates (Guest Post)

Today it is our pleasure to have our first guest post on our jQuery blog. Bastien Liutkus from Binary Mind is a front-end dev/designer at CBS in france. He has developed Magic jQuery – a plugin that easy to use, flexible & optimized plugin for…

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jQuery Change CSS File Dynamically

How to change a css file dynamically using nothing but good old fashion jQuery! (it’s kinda like a jQuery stylesheet switcher!) The jQuery $(document).ready(function() {     $("#nav li a").click(function() {         $("link").attr("href",$(this).attr(’rel’));         return false;     });…

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