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10 jQuery and CSS3 Mobile App Styles

Today we are showcasing you 10 jQuery and CSS3 Mobile App Styles for your mobile app needs! They are really cool and worth checking out, Enjoy! 1. Anonymous Pen jQuery Responsive Web Design Checker Source + Demo 2. Twitter buttons without the iframe Embedding Tweet…

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10 More jQuery/CSS/CSS3 Plugins

If you are up to building an attractive blog/website then try using our collection of 10 jQuery CSS/CSS3 Plugins. With these tutorials/plugins you can develop an advanced website with extreme ease and apply CSS3 to build a gorgeous Triple Panel Image Slider, Stylish Tweet Book,…

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Quick tip: Using CSS Classes as Basis for jQuery Selectors

Quick tip: Using CSS Classes as Basis for jQuery Selectors This quick tip will allow you to use CSS classes to group DOM elements which require the same function event binding. This will allow you to have as many links as you wish anywhere you…

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Custom CSS Buttons & jQuery Events Tutorial

A website that has an original look stands out from the rest. CSS buttons therefore are important. Perhaps they are even trivial to implement using basic CSS and jQuery events. However, creating any high-quality work requires a thorough examination of the ingredients. This tutorial is…

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Fix Background Gradient Color Difference between Browsers

Cross Browser Fix for Background Gradient Colors. While developing I noticed a major colour difference between FireFox 12 and Chrome Canary 21. This is obviously something to do with the way CSS3 is rendered through the different browsers.

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