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Sublime Text 3 Notepad++ Theme

For those who like the look & feel of Notepad++ but the awesomeness of Sublime Text ❤. then this is for you! Load together with Soda Theme (light) for the ultimate Sublime experience!   View Theme on GitHub   1 Minute Setup Download & Install…

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jQuery Cookie Plugins & Snippets

When compared with regular JavaScript, setting and clearing cookies with jQuery is really easy. It will require a plugin though since it’s not included in the jQuery core. Here we will share with our collection of some jQuery Cookie Management Plugins, Code Snippets & Links….

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10 Best jQuery and HTML5 WYSIWYG Plugins

HTML5 WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is all the rage now! But there is now so many of them around it’s hard to find the best ones. In today’s post we are going to present you what we think 10 of the…

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Embed Interactive jsFiddle Snippets on your Web Page

I just found out that you could embed interactive jsfiddle snippets on your webpage (not sure how long its been available, but thought it was worth a mention!). This is how you might go about embedding interactive jsFiddle code snippets live on your web page….

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10 jQuery Live Page Edit Plugins

Live edit functionality in web pages and web apps is all the rage these days but never fun to implement. This is where jQuery will make it easier for all of us and here is a collection of 10 jQuery Live Page Edit Plugins that…

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