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Tab control usability hover triggers in jQuery

Tab control usability hover triggers in jQuery. Tested and works in Chrome, FF, IE9, IE8. Load is jsfiddle for TAB demo to work. jsfiddle The tabindex Property The tabindex attribute is supported in all major browsers, except Safari. HTML5 – tabindex attribute can be used…

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How to Clear setInterval() without Knowing the ID

Problem Declaring a setInterval() without keeping a reference to it (which is returned from the function call setInterval(), it returns an id number for the registered event). Like so: var interval = setInterval(function() {     console.log(’i'); }, 1000); console.log(interval); It you can see it…

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6 jQuery Click Outside Event Plugins

Web today is focusing more on click events than hovers, a new set of challenges for front-end web stars. In this post, you will see a collection of 6 jQuery Click Outside plugins. With these plugins you can now easily show an element when clicking…

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jQuery Capture Window Resize on End Event

Two methods to capture a resize event on a window, but how to capture the event once the user has finished resizing the window? A little trick is to use a setTimeout() with clearTimeout() and optimal duration is 250 even captures slowish window resizes smoothly….

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jQuery capture window resize snippets

Use jQuery capture the event of when the browser window is resized, then do something. In the example below it logs the window’s new size. Update 16/05/2013: See the debounce method below for smarter window resizing! //capture window resize $(window).bind(’resize’, function(e) {     var…

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