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JS display and/or stop current setinterval events

Use JavaScript to show current setInterval events. Here we have declared a setInterval() without keeping a reference to the id which is returned from the function call (setInterval() returns an id number for the registered event)

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jQuery creating mutiple setInterval functions

Using jQuery to create mutiple timeouts for mutiple time based events. I ran into a quick solution to a problem when declaring more than one setInterval function to automate refresh time intervals on a widget. Hopefully a quick few seconds read will help some of…

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jQuery simulate a toggle event

Using jQuery to “trigger” simulate a toggle event you can simply trigger a click event like this:

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Writing a Mousestop Event Plugin Using jQuery

I recently published a jQuery tooltip plugin of my own that was pretty simple, it basically popped up when you hovered over an element, nothing fancy. However I noticed the default browser had a bit of a delay before it actually shows up. It also…

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jquery get elements currently in view

Here are some options using javascript and jquery to get elements currently in view (visible on screen). The appear plugin works very well.

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