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Listing JavaScript Events using jQuery

How can you list JavaScript events attached to an element? I wanted to get a full list of js/jQuery events that are attached to any specified element and I was reading around and saw John Resig suggested to use this method:

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jQuery Capture Copy, Paste and Cut Events

This is how you can capture if someone has copied, cut or pasted into a input text area.

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jQuery Smooth Page Links – $.smoothAnchor()

The jQuery smoothAnchor Function provides you with a lightweight script that can make your in-page anchor links smooth scrolling. There are a few plugins out there which do the same thing but this is my lightweight version and I know it works properly in all…

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jQuery Full List of Events You Can Bind To

As you may already know, there are quite a few mouse events, keyboard events, browser events, DOM element events etc that you can capture with JavaScript and then use some jQuery to perform actions based on the event fired using bind(), live() or such. Here…

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Find the Keycode of Keyboard Key Pressed

Sometimes it’s useful to quickly find out the keycode for keyboard character especially when your coding keyboard events in jQuery or JavaScript. This code snippet provides you with an easy way to capture the current key press and key code for use with “keypress”, “keydown”…

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