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jQuery Open All Hyperlinks in New Window

JavaScript code snippets to to customise your hyperlinks with CSS using jQuery to make them stand out. Also a tip to open hyperlinks in a new window using jQuery.

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jQuery Hover Highlight Script

Hi guys, I’ve written this jQuery script which highlights any element on the page (by changing the background colour). It’s a clever little script which will save you lots of time if you have many elements that require mouse hover events.

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Use jQuery .Toggle() with Live or Bind

Bascially in a nutshell you can use Live and Toggle together BUT for coding best practices you shouldn’t. Both jQuery .Live() and jQuery .Toggle() automatically create thier own bind events to the element. This causes problems when they are used together as you would need…

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jQuery Disable Onclick Event

Simple jQuery code snippets to stop input clearing on click by disabling the onclick event associated with a button. This is just down and dirty code sorry there is no proper examples.

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Attaching Events to Elements of the Same ID

OK so we’ve all ran into this problem for some reason or another – 2 elements with the same id. Basically, you shouldn’t have elements on the same page with the same id, it’s bad programming! If however, you do find yourself in this situation…

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