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jQuery Bind Error Msg to Image

Simple jQuery code snippet to bind an error message to an image so that if an image is not loaded then another image will replace it (such as a missing or default image). HTML Code <img alt="Book" id="book" />

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jQuery Check if Div Scrolled to End

Simple jQuery code snippet to check if you have scrolled to the end of a div and raise an event. Useful when you have an inline element (overflow:scroll) that you want to know if someones scrolled down to the bottom. Could be used to check…

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jQuery Create Event Namespace

jQuery code snippet to create an event namespace to make it easier to unbind. As you know it is easy to unbind all events with the same namespace. Hopefully this trick will help you with those jQuery binds and unbinds! //Bind Event One $("a").bind("click.nameOne", function(){…

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10 jQuery Event Plugins

It’s really fun to play with jQuery events and lets have some fun, take time to look at this collection of jQuery4u hand picked enhanced jQuery event plugins.   1. jQuery Focus Enter Leave Source 2. $.event.special.hover Source 3. Lazy Load Source 4. Jeditable Source…

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jQuery Disable Right Mouse Click

jQuery Code Snippet to disable the mouse right click as often used with websites who want to add some low level security. jQuery can do this with a bind to the contextmenu event. I reccommend only using this function if you have to as it…

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