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jQuery Hover Highlight Script

Hi guys, I’ve written this jQuery script which highlights any element on the page (by changing the background colour). It’s a clever little script which will save you lots of time if you have many elements that require mouse hover events.

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10 Extension Plugins to Extend the Firebug Console

To say that Firebug is just a web developing tool would do it injustice, it is much more than that. It houses a powerful suite of tools for debugging and optimizing CSS, JavaScript, HTML and thoroughly speeds up your web development. A great thing about…

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How to Analyse HTTP Requests using Net Panel, HTTP Fox & Fiddler2

It is essential to any web developer to understand HTTP requests and be able to analyse which files are loaded when a web page is loaded. For example, say a web page is loading really slow and you want to know why! Yes, we’ve all…

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Reduce Your jQuery Script Loading Times

Hi guys, I’ve stumbled upon a jQuery script that reduces the loading time of your JavaScript include files. It works by loading all your dot js files at the same time inside an array. I’ve tried the tests out and it does seem to load…

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10 jQuery Extension Plugins

10 of the best jQuery extension plugins you cannot do without if you are a serious front-end developer. Things like DOM management and table creation amongst others. Enjoy! 1. Easy DOM creation for jQuery and Prototype jQuery plugin that makes it easy to build up…

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