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jQuery Floating Bookmark Globe – Awesome Fun!

Fun floating bookmark globe using some pretty clever JS/CSS coding which I won’t go into trying to explain (but if you want to see it i’ve included it below!). It’s based of the katamari ball game where is moves around and picks up stuff! The…

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10 jQuery Fun and Games Plugins

10 jQuery Fun and Games Plugins to help entertain your website visitors and maybe attract them to bookmark your site and come back! While Flash remains the best software to develop casual web games, jQuery allows you to make interesting things… nothing to do with…

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jQuery Tetris Game

You probably already know this game. It’s the world’s famous video game! Admit it you have already played this when you’re a child or even now. jQuery is really a powerful JavaScript library that can make things like this. Live Demo!

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jQuery 3d Pong lets have some fun!

Yes thats right folks! Amazing. This pong game was created using jQuery, not flash or java! Who said coding was boring? Playing rules: “Simply move the cursor over the field below to see your pong-paddle move. Click to hit the ball and see it fly…

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