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Convert Photoshop Layers into CSS – only $19!

We would like to share with you a cool feature called CSS Hat courtesy of mightdeals.com. CSS Hat makes it super easy to design your websites in Photoshop and to code them in no time at all. With CSS Hat you can quickly and incredibly…

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Frontend Masters Interview with Marc Grabanski

As a big fan of quality online web development training, today I interviewed Marc Grabanski about the increasingly popular FrontendMasters.com. In the meantime check out the preview video at the end of the post and if you have any questions of your own for Marc…

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30 Useful and Fantastic jQuery Plug-ins

In field of web designing the technology has become popular with many updates and supporting plug-ins. JQuery is one of the most popular and widely used technologies that you use for your site. In present days websites are created with functionalities of jquery. So, here…

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Secrets to Selecting Elements Returned from jQuery Ajax Response Strings

The jQuery selection engine is fast and flexible and allows you to make selections against DOM elements as well as in-memory memory markup strings. When you couple this functionality with the ability to get the full HTML markup from pages throughout your site, you can…

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jQuery/HTML5 Controls Infragistics Review

What is Infragistics? Infragistics is a company which builds custom components not just for ASP.NET but for other platforms as well. Their products enable developers to create UIs that are the foundation for developing applications with data visualization in line of business applications for platforms…

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