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Trigger Gumby2 Modal Swicth from JavaScript

To trigger Gumby2 Modal switch from JavaScript just add the ‘active’ class to the modal window. jQuery(document).ready(function($) {     $(’.modal#modal-id’).addClass(’active’); }); My initial thoughts was this way as it’s better programming to use the event handlers for the triggers so it follows the full…

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Gumby2 Backbone IE8 Web App Fixes

In this post i’ll list any fixes which may help you if your using Gumby2 framework with Backbone. I’ll add more as I find them… Override a button click in IE8 if (Gumby.isOldie) {     var referLink = document.createElement(’a');     referLink.className = "skiplink";…

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Gumby2 Buttons not working on Touch Devices

Gumby2 works well with responsive design and touch support but the buttons are hard to press sometimes with your finger. Not good for web apps running on devices. This is how you fix it. Change the padding on button anchors so that touch support is…

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jQuery On-Screen Keyboard

This is a simple on-screen keyboard powered by JavaScript/jQuery. I have made some enhancements to the jsKeyboard plugin and fixed some bugs it had and added it to GitHub. View Demo Download * Updated default keyboard layout * Hooked up to work with mutiple field…

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Gumby2 Backbone Bootstrap

I have created a new repo called Gumby2 Backbone Bootstrap which combines Gumby2 CSS Framework with Backbone.js. Hopefully it will help some developers get started with this awesome Gumby2 SASS framework! :) I have also put up a quick Barebones demo to show it in…

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