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Internet Explorer 10 HTML 5.0 and Canvas 2D support

An old post from the IE blog but a good one to quickly read. Internet Explorer 10 already offers hardware-accelerated HTML 5.0 and Canvas 2D support allowing developers to build compelling, cross-browser Web applications. Source

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2013 jQuery Support for Internet Explorer Going forward

This post takes a look ahead at jQuery 2.0 and why your code could potentially “break” when deprecated/removed jQuery functions produce “function not defined” (or such) errors. This official post states that jQuery 2.0 will remove support for IE 6/7/8 oddities such as borked event…

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Migrating Earilier Versions of jQuery to jQuery 1.9

ALOT of old functionality has (1.9.x) and will be (2.x) removed from the jQuery Library, with the latter removing support for oldIE. Looking forward in 2013 on how jQuery will support IE is quite a debate. Plugins using functions which no longer exist may break…

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How jQuery 1.9.1 overcomes Internet Explorer 6/7/8 JavaScript

How does jQuery 1.9.1 support old Internet Explorer? This post contains a collection of code snippets directly from the jQuery Library. Hopefully by reading through the code will help you understand more about vanilla JavaScript and how jQuery 1.9.1 has overcome JavaScript browser incompatibilities with…

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