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5 jQuery Image Gallery Plugins

Here’s a list of 5 jQuery Image Gallery Plugins that can help you with showcasing your photos/images. There are heaps of others available around but these ones are what we think the coolest and easy to use compared to the million others out there. Enjoy…

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Youtube Video Thumbnail URLS

The YouTube documentation is shambles so here is a quick reference of how you do this and what it means. This post follows on from an earlier post on how to display YouTube Video thumbs using jQuery. The first one in the list is a…

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Easy jQuery AJAX PHP Captcha – 2 minute setup

Setup a working AJAX Captcha in minutes. This is for when you need a super quick Captcha for a form with no pain of unreadable reCaptcha’s or such. It’s NOT a super hard to guess Captcha system it just provides a very basic captcha which…

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Ajax-Zoom Review

If you want to showcase high resolution images on your website then you can never go wrong with Ajax-Zoom. This jQuery plugin, Ajax-Zoom does NOT require any browser plugins such as Flash, Java or Silverlight perfect for E-Commerce, extended product presentations and other applications. View…

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6 Pretty Neat jQuery 3D Gallery Plugins

Showcasing in 3D style is a good choice when you want to show off your product for attracting users to products on landing pages. In this post we are going to share you our collection of some of pretty neat jQuery 3D Gallery plugins that…

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