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jQuery Preloading External Images

This is how you might go about preloading images into the browser cache (Caching External Images) that will be later inserted into the page. This method would be useful only if you have many images and no control over the load order of the image…

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100 jQuery Sliders for Images/Content (Part 2)

There are so many different types of jQuery sliders available these days, sliding horizontal panels, transition effects, patch down/up, fade in/out etc… jQuery Image sliders are great for grabbing a visitors attention immediately and showing them the key features of your business. jQuery content sliders…

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100 jQuery Sliders for Images/Content (Part 1)

It seems image and content sliders are getting more and more popular amongst most websites these days. So how do you find a decent one that will be suitable for your webiste? Well, we have collected 100 jQuery image and content sliders & plugins for…

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10 jQuery, Mootools, Prototype Lightbox Scripts

In today’s post we have included lightbox scripts/plugins from several JavaScript libraries: jQuery, MooTools, Prototype. These stylish lightbox scripts/plugins can display the pop-up block (modal windows, overlays) of single images, web image galleries, videos and other media and content formats on your websites. Enjoy. Related…

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RinoFader – A simple jQuery fade slider (Guest Post)

What is Rhinofader? Rhinofader is a compact, simple slideshow / slider without a lot of knick-knacks. Not a thousand effects, not a thousand settings, only the fade-effect. Yes! Rhinofader also works fine with HTML content.

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