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Use jQuery to Replace Broken Images using AJAX

Expanding on my previous post about detecting and removing broken images I have delved further into the realms of using jQuery to replace broken images using AJAX.

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10 Awesome jQuery Count Down Scripts

We have seen enough samples of the countdown features in most site like RapidShare, MegaUpload etc that allows you to download files but make you wait specified number of seconds before giving you the download link. We have probably also seen sites that are not…

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10 Amazing jQuery Carousel Plugins

10 Amazing jQuery Carousel Plugins to wet your appetite and get your site looking exciting! A carousel is basically a display for your media which is continuously revolving. For example, images that are displayed at a time interval so that each one gets it’s turn…

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10 Amazing Image Effects using jQuery

Add a gush of style with these 10 amazing image effect jQuery plugins! Transform those plain images in your website using this collection of jQuery Image Effect plugins, that help enhance images, create galleries, scrollers and bring your website back to life! 1. Image Splitting…

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jQuery Bind Error Msg to Image

Simple jQuery code snippet to bind an error message to an image so that if an image is not loaded then another image will replace it (such as a missing or default image). HTML Code <img alt="Book" id="book" />

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