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Display YouTube Thumbnails Easy with jQuery

You may not know but youTube takes screenshots of the videos you upload, there are usually 2 main images (one big thumbnail and 1 small thumbnail). Here is how you can display YouTube Video thumbs on your webpage. YouTube URLs The urls are in this…

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jQuery Filter Images (Search Filter)

Hi guys, I stumbled upon a pretty nifty photo image search filter which searches and updates pictures to show when you start to type. Below is the full code to create your own Image search with images feed from Flickr.

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Highlight Image Map Area Hotspots With jQuery

jQuery code snippet to highlight hotspot areas on an image which is being used as an image map with links references on different areas of the image. Demos Download Code and Usage <script type="text/javascript" src="http://davidlynch.org/js/maphilight/jquery.maphilight.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript">     $(function () {      …

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jQuery Set Image TITLE from ALT Tag

jQuery Code Snippet to get the alt tags of each image and set the title tag so it is the same as the alt tag. Could be useful to improve SEO for the web page and added support for browsers such as Firefox that utilise…

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jQuery Parallax Tutorial – Animated Header Background

I think we all agree that the parallax effect can get you that WOW factor when someone visits your website. So, I thought i would show you a live jQuery parallax example. In this tutorial i will explain in detail how to create your own…

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