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jQuery Preload CSS Images

This is a useful way of pre-loading css images before rendering JavaScript/jQuery animation for example. This Script is a little jQuery plugin that caches all images referenced in linked/imported CSS files (it iterates through each rule in each stylesheet attached and if the rule’s value…

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jQuery Wrap All Images on Page

Simple jQuery code snippet to wrap all images on a web page into a div which contains a class for formatting. The jQuery wrap() function can be used to wrap any elements on a page with any html code. jQuery(document).ready(function($) {     $("img").each(function() {…

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Awesome jQuery Magnifier Plugin – ZOOMY

Hey guys, i stumbled upon this awesome image magnifying zoom plugin which lets you zoom images on a webpage using your mouse like a magnifying glass. You simply click on the image to activate the zoom and then just hover your mouse over the image….

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jQuery Add Site Favicon to External Links

It may be the case that you want to make all external links on your page visible to the user. It might be that you want to use the the favicon.ico of the external site that your linking to (if it is available). http://jQuery4u.com Here…

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jQuery Run Code After Image Loads

Simple jQuery code snippet to wait for an image to load before running some code. The only drawback is you would need to supply the image name (including extension). $(’#myImage’).attr(’src’, ‘image.jpg’).load(function() {       //run code     alert(’Image Loaded’);   });

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