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jQuery PNG Fix for IE6 Background Images

jQuery code snippet to fix those transparent PNG’s in IE6! It works best for background images with set dimensions. Just add a “.pngfix” class to anything you want fixed or put in some other jQuery selector. $(’.pngfix’).each( function() {    $(this).attr(’writing-mode’, ‘tb-rl’);    $(this).css(’background-image’, ‘none’);…

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Show Thumbnail of Image Upload AJAX/PHP

Update 18/11/2012: The new version of this upload is now here JQUERY AJAX IMAGE UPLOAD THUMBNAIL EXAMPLE. This is how you can add a file/image upload tool to your forms and have AJAX store the file with PHP and return a thumbnailed version to the…

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30 jQuery Unique Image Sliders

Image sliders have become popular tool for websites over the past few years. jQuery as javascript framework also became popular in the field of web designing. These two definitely has caught the attention of many web developers as of today. Now, jQuery4u collected some of…

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jQuery Detect and Hide Broken Images

jQuery code snippet to either display a default image for those that are broken or detect and hide all broken images. Hide all those red crosses! ;) // Replace source $(’img’).error(function(){         $(this).attr(’src’, ‘missing.png’); }); // Or, hide them $("img").error(function(){    …

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Load Flickr Pictures using JSONP API

Code to load images from Flickr public gallery images using JSONP API. You can search using tags/keywords or specific users photos to display on your site. What is JSONP API? jQuery-JSONP is a compact (1.7kB minified), yet feature-packed, alternative solution to jQuery’s implementation of JSONP….

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