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iPad IOS7 Page Jump Fix when keyboard closes

When you click on open space on the ipad the keyboard the page jumps down screen (to try and compensate for the space the keyboard used). This occurs when it wants to keep the input in view when your typing which makes sense and is…

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navigator.useragent mobiles including ipad

Code snippets to detect mobiles including ipad using navigator.useragent. function detectmob() {      return !!navigator.userAgent.match(/iPad|iPhone|Android|BlackBerry|Windows Phone|webOS/i)); } Kindle Fires and PlayBooks are not detected by design. To add support for tablets, add |playbook|silk Other ways var isMobile = {     Android: function() {…

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JavaScript Capture IOS7 iPad Screen Orientation Change

Code snippet to capture ipad device change (IOS7) tested. jQuery(document).ready(function($) { //capture ipad device change (IOS7) tested. function doOnOrientationChange() {   // alert(window.orientation);   switch(window.orientation)   {     case 0:     case 90:       alert(’portrait’);       $(’html’).removeClass(’landscape’).addClass(’portrait’);    …

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Capture iPad orientation change

Code snippet to capture the change of orientation on your ipad device, you can then add very specific styles for each portrait and landsacape designs. The code adds a class to the html tag to assist with CSS (just like libraries such as Modernizr) using…

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10 Useful jQuery iPad Code Snippets and Plugins

We have put together some of the easy to use tricks, code snippets and plugins all for the iPad device. Be sure to let us know in the comments which snippets and plugins you found useful and of any others that you know of that…

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