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10 Top of the Line jQuery Date Popup Plugins

With these 10 Top of the Line jQuery Date Popup (Datepickers) plugins, you can typically enrich your forms in a matter of minutes and your users will definitely love it! Most of them are designed to open up a clickable calendar popup once users activate…

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Top 5 Date Manipulation JS Plugins

As you may know the built-in Date and Time methods in JavaScript are pretty basic. Sure, one can code his or her own JavaScript Date Manipulation Library but why reinvent the wheel when we can easily obtain well-developed and tested JavaScript date manipulation plugins. Just…

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jQuery creating mutiple setInterval functions

Using jQuery to create mutiple timeouts for mutiple time based events. I ran into a quick solution to a problem when declaring more than one setInterval function to automate refresh time intervals on a widget. Hopefully a quick few seconds read will help some of…

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jQuery Check if Date is Valid

Simple JavaScript Function to to check if date is valid.

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10 jQuery Time Picker Plugins

What time is it? It’s time for another set of 10 super cool jQuery Time Picker plugins for your webpages! We see heaps of date pickers and calendar pickers out there but not so many time pickers, so it’s about time we showed you some!…

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