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14 jQuery Live Search Plugins

A live search is a search form that displays the results for your search / query as you type (just like what you see when you search on Google and the like). When done right, they can be exceptionally nice to use. Here is our…

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10 jQuery Search Scripts

With so many Ajax scripts available now, Auto-complete and Auto-Suggest have come a long way from just a drop down based suggest to a sleek auto-suggest feature and one example is Facebook which has an excellent auto-complete feature while searching friends. Find below is a…

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jQuery Filter Images (Search Filter)

Hi guys, I stumbled upon a pretty nifty photo image search filter which searches and updates pictures to show when you start to type. Below is the full code to create your own Image search with images feed from Flickr.

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Custom Google Search API Setup Tutorial

So today I did a little tutorial on how to setup Google Search API for your blog/website. This could be used instead of the standard search facilities usually provided in WordPress Themes. It’s really easy to setup! You can customise the search to show results…

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