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5 New Touch Enabled jQuery Plugins 2014

It’s always nice if we can flick through content on our mobile devices, this is why we are giving you our list of 5 New Touch Enabled jQuery Plugins 2014 you would like to try. They are simple to use, fully responsive and touch enabled….

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navigator.useragent mobiles including ipad

Code snippets to detect mobiles including ipad using navigator.useragent. function detectmob() {      return !!navigator.userAgent.match(/iPad|iPhone|Android|BlackBerry|Windows Phone|webOS/i)); } Kindle Fires and PlayBooks are not detected by design. To add support for tablets, add |playbook|silk Other ways var isMobile = {     Android: function() {…

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view localhost on ipad WAMP

You can run localhost on LAN using WAMP pretty much out of the box. This can then be used to test your web development sites/apps using your mobile devices, tablets/ipads/andriods, etc etc… Simply connect your wireless device to the LAN (same one your computer is…

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15 Exciting JavaScript Mobile Plugins for 2013

Here’s an early look at our yearly round-up of 15 Exciting JavaScript Mobile plugins you might find inspiring! The mobile plugins that have make the cut feature the usual date picker widgets (which I personally like), photo viewers, navigation plugins and more mobile snaz. Inclusions…

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Touch Swipe Function Debounce Script

Speed is everything on touch devices. Calling a function when a touch swipe has completed instead of calling it multiple times… For example you may use it to update some navigation based on a finger swipe. FYI I’m using hammer.js to capture the touch events…

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