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jQuery Mobile 2 fields on one line example

Just logging some code for getting two jquery mobile form inputs on one line. Should look something like this: HTML <div data-role="fieldcontain" class="halffield ui-field-contain ui-body ui-br">     <span class="label">*First Name:</span>     <span class="inlineinput">         <input type=’text’ class="required ui-input-text ui-body-d ui-corner-none…

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jquery mobile 2 show loading image on form submit

Sometimes you may want to show the loader and hide as you see fit. I recommend to use the default one instead of adding your own loading image. To show $.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg() To hide $.mobile.hidePageLoadingMsg()

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jquery mobile “error loading page” workaround

If your seeing a quick error message popup on the screen when redirecting the page to another (or you might be forcing a reload). Instead of using this: window.location.href = "/"; Use this: $.mobile.changePage(’/', { reloadPage: true, transition: "none"} ); or if that doesn’t work…

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Top 25 jQuery Mobile Plugins of 2013

To recap what has been a fruitful year for jQuery Mobile we thought we would give you our list of the Top 25 jQuery Mobile Plugins of 2013! There’s lots of good jQuery Mobile plugins that have been released this year but this list is…

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Draggable scrollbars using iScroll with touch support

If your using iScroll (great plugin btw) for implementing scrollbars which touch support, just like the iDevices. It currently (iScroll4) doesn’t support draggable scrollbars. This is usually a must for most sites as users viewing on browers will try to drag the scrollbar… normal┬ábehavior of…

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