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5 jQuery Mobile Gallery Plugins

Almost everything electronic these days comes in handy on your mobile phone! Today we look at some jQuery Mobile Galleries to display those lovely pictures you have on your mobile phone! :) Related Posts: 4+ jQuery Mobile Price Sliders (Range Select) 7 Pretty Cool jQuery…

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10 jQuery Mobile Menu Plugins

Don’t you think your mobile’s menu is getting old already? jQuery has good news for you! Check out our list of jQuery Mobile Menu plugins and get that new design your looking for! ;) 1. jQuery Mobile Docs – Select Menus The select menus are…

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5 jQuery Mobile Datepickers

In today’s jQuery post we share with you some jQuery Mobile Datepickers. Make your own date pickers for your mobile phones! Check out our tutorials below. Enjoy! 1. jQuery UI’s Datepicker Styled for Mobile The included files extend the jQuery UI datepicker to make it…

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10 Free jQuery Mobile Themes

Mobiles are just not for entertainment purposes anymore! You can now get the information at your fingertips anywhere you go thanks to everyday improving mobile technology. One of the main reasons everyone is developing mobile sites is because mobile themes are becoming extremely popular. Check…

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10 Mobile Cheat Sheets for Mobile Development

In this post we have rounded up a selection of useful cheat sheets, references, quick recipes and code snippet resources specifically for Android, Blackberry and iPhone app development. No developer should work without these. 1. Touch Gesture Reference Guide (PDF) A unique set of resources…

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