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10 Example jQuery Mobile Demo Websites

This is a collection of a few demo websites that use jQuery mobile I would like to share with you to try and promote the use of jQuery mobile (we love it!) and get more people using it! jQuery mobile framework takes the “write less,…

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10 jQuery iPhone Style Plugins

Unleash the power of jQuery on iPhone and create impressive iPhone style cool effects and widgets with these jQuery plugins. You might also want to compare these to: 10 Android Style jQuery Plugins. 1. Create iPhone Style Password Fields using jQuery Apple has implemented an…

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10 Android Style jQuery Plugins

Android seems to be everywhere now. You too can have it by bringing in the Android style with the help of jQuery. Ranging from date pickers to image scrollers, this set of plugins lets you bring out the Android style into your web designs. Andriod…

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50 jQuery Mobile Development Tips

We have collected 50 jQuery mobile tips and tutorials, 10 mobile plugins, 10 mobile website demos, 10 free mobile themes, 10 new mobile frameworks, 10 mobile cheat sheets and more stuff to help you get that mobile website started and up and running in no…

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Vibrate Page Elements Using jRumble

Hi guys, I’ve stumbled across a pretty cool jQuery plugin which you can use to make your page elements really stand out from the crowd! It takes any page element and makes it vibrate. Could be used to animate a mobile phone vibration? Maybe more…

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