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navigator.useragent mobiles including ipad

Code snippets to detect mobiles including ipad using navigator.useragent. function detectmob() {      return !!navigator.userAgent.match(/iPad|iPhone|Android|BlackBerry|Windows Phone|webOS/i)); } Kindle Fires and PlayBooks are not detected by design. To add support for tablets, add |playbook|silk Other ways var isMobile = {     Android: function() {…

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15 Exciting JavaScript Mobile Plugins for 2013

Here’s an early look at our yearly round-up of 15 Exciting JavaScript Mobile plugins you might find inspiring! The mobile plugins that have make the cut feature the usual date picker widgets (which I personally like), photo viewers, navigation plugins and more mobile snaz. Inclusions…

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Switch Background Image using Backstretch.js

Code snippet to Switch Background Image using Backstretch.js and Underscore.js. Useful if you need to show a different background image for a desktop and mobile. I’m just using underscore.js for the debounce on window resize event it’s not essential. * smart window resize capture *…

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Special CSS3 Scaling for andriod version less than 2.3

Special CSS3 Scaling for Android version less than 2.3. Following on from link Making Adobe edge HTML5 Animations mobile responsive.  //special scaling for andriod version less than 2.3             var ua = navigator.userAgent;             if(…

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5 jQuery Mobile Gallery Plugins

In this post we are sharing you few good jQuery Mobile Gallery Plugins to display those lovely pictures you have on your mobile! They are simple and lightweight only for JQuery Mobile. Have fun! :) Related Posts: jQuery Touch Swipe Image Gallery Plugins 12 jQuery…

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