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jQuery.com to disable hotlinking

jQuery.com to disable hotlinking on 31 Jaurary 2011. Lately, we have noticed a significant increase in traffic from sites that hotlink directly to files on our various properties (jquery.com, jqueryui.com, dev.jquery.com, etc.) instead of downloading and hosting them locally or taking advantage of the CDNs…

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jQuery Features For Your Mobile Phone

Breaking news!!! The jQuery Mobile Project have announced the first alpha release of  jQuery Mobile. jQuery Mobile is a user interface framework, built on top of jQuery, designed to simplify the process of building applications that target mobile devices. It’s completely built on the principle…

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Load jQuery with Google Libraries API

Usually if you want to use jQuery you need to download the latest package, save the .js file in your js/ folder and then include the link in your page header. This can become time consuming especially when you need to test different versions of…

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Welcome to JQuery4u

JQuery4u is a blog specifically dedicated to the best JavaScript Library around! Follow our RSS feed or on twitter for the Latest Jquery News, Features, Articles, Tutorials, Syntax & Tips! What is JQuery? jQuery is a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript…

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