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Top 100 jQuery Plugins of 2012 (part 1/5)

These are the best jQuery plugins of 2012 weighted by popularity, ease of use, documentation, browser compatibility and support amongst many other factors. The final decision of who made the list was made by Sam so ask him if you have any questions. Also some…

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jQuery Paypal Buy It Now Plugin

I just quickly code the initial version of a jQuery plugin to dynamically create a Paypal Buy It Now Button. This is only v1.0 just to get a quick win, I am adding more features soon. There is a demo and I’ve committed the project…

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jQuery Timing Plugin

Demo Homepage Plugin Details Name jQuery Timing Plugin Description jquery-timing provides easy-to-use methods to define iterations, timeouts, intervals, Deferreds, and event-based loops and handlers just in line with all your jQuery stuff. jquery-timing is designed to change the way that you use jQuery. License Not…

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Scroll to Top Using jQuery (Setup time: 2mins)

This is a quick step by step to setup a scroll to top for your website. For a demo, just scroll down on this site. 1. Download scrollTo plugin, include it. 2. Get an image (arrow or such). 3. Include some HTML below. 4. Include…

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5 jQuery Image Hover/Click/Scroll Plugins

Do you want something neat and beautiful for your image hover effects? Well, you might want to check out these jQuery image hover/click/scroll plugins! These plugins can style your images as well as image caption nicely and can make your website looks dynamic and feel…

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