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5 jQuery Auto Text Fill Resize Plugins

Today’s post is a collection of 5 jQuery Text Fill Resize Plugins, these plugins enables your blog readers to easily adjust the font size to suit their comfort level for reading. You would think it seems like a handy tool to make available to readers…

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Today’s 10 jQuery Random Plugins

In Today’s 10 jQuery Ramdom Plugins you will find some pretty neat and yet cool plugins that you can easily incorporate into your blog or website to make it more interactive. A plugin which allows you to integrate a customizable, cross-browser content slider into your…

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5 jQuery Typing and Conversation Plugins

In today’s post we are presenting you 5 jQuery Typing and Conversation which you would find really useful in some sort of experimentation. From animating your list of text items to automatically adjusting height textarea elements. Plugin called “jmudim” is really worth checking out too!…

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5 jQuery Background Video Plugins

We have seen websites that have images as its background, and let’s all agree that they are pretty cool looking sites. If they can use images, why not use videos also? Here we are giving you our collection of 5 jQuery Background Video plugins that…

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10 Cool jQuery WordPress Plugins and Tutorials

Wordpress has an extensive userbase that creates plugins the reason why it has been the standard platform across blogging community. However, by default, its features are a bit plain and static so we thought we would come up with some cool jQuery WordPress plugins and…

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