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15 jQuery Animation Design Plugins

In the world of jQuery, designing is prioritized due to its great and smooth animation effects that could probably convince your visitors even if they just accidentally came to your website. Here in jQuery4u, we will help you choose jQuery designing plugins that may tailor…

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10 jQuery Image Zoomers

Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s on the image posted in your web page. Well, with the help of these bunch of jQuery Zoom plugins, viewing images by your naked eyes will not be that hard anymore. Premium – Smooth Zoom Pan – jQuery Image…

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5 jQuery Mobile Tricks

As jQuery Mobile 2 released, some developers aimed to make jQuery mobile more friendly in mobile browsers such as iOS, Android, BB OS, and stuffs like that. Following these tricks might help you catch up what jQuery mobile does and how does it helps the…

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jQuery Get RSS Feed Live Reader

Use jQuery get rss (with JavaScript) to get a blogs (or websites) display rss feed on your web page. Use Google Ajax Feed API to retrieve the feed items and returns them as a list of feed items to be displayed. The feed can then…

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40 Ultra jQuery Plugins Collection

Don’t bother yourself looking for websites that offer jQuery tutorials and plugins. Here at jQuery4u we bring you all of the best and the greatest jQuery plugins from around the globe! These plugins utilize jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. Enjoy :) 1. Colorful Sliders Get a…

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