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10 jQuery Cute Plugins

Make your web designs cute and functional with these selection of cute jQuery plugins. 1. Skype like button Skype is widely used in our world today. This plugin helps you to create a button that looks exactly the same in the skype. See live Demo…

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jQuery & AJAX’s Sweet Tab

Introduction With the world turning into a new age of web designing, it’s important to organize the content of a page in an intuitive and eye-catchy manner. Developer’s one principle in dividing texts is to use a tab. Tab allows you to use more content…

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20 jQuery Stylish Plugins

Stylize your designs using these selected stylish jQuery plugins. They are really well styled and have great functions. 1. Google Wave History Slider This will enable your visitors to go back and forth in times to view the changes that take place on a comment…

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15 jQuery & PHP Combination Plugins

Here is another set of jQuery and PHP combination tricks for you. They are all useful and helpful as well, enjoy!\ 1. Directory Trees This is a simple way to keep track of many files. Source 2. Photo Admin Site Create a photo site using…

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jQuery List Page Enhancer

Introduction Basic client list pages are kind of dull looking. The design above would be the final result for this tutorial, we will also try to add a service list, and map those two lists together. Pointing to a service will show clients that bought…

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